Floyd Looking For Taggart's Trust

With no clear cut leader in the quarterback race for the South Florida Bulls in 2013, Matt Floyd is trying to take advantage of the opportunity presented in front of himself, while trying to improve certain aspects of his game and limiting his mistakes along with it.

Tampa, FL--With a week to go until the home opener vs. McNeese State, Coach Taggart and the South Florida Bulls still have not designated a starting quarterback to lead their new pro-style offense in Tampa. Running such a complex offense, there's going to highs and lows throughout the transition, while providing great competition along the way. Redshirt Sophomore Matt Floyd is trying to take advantage of the opportunity in front of him to lead the Bulls behind center in 2013.

"It's been a really good competition so far this camp, all the quarterbacks are doing pretty well," Floyd said. "We've had our ups and downs and stuff like that, learning the offense better and getting more comfortable. But I think overall, I think we've all done really well and that's one of the things why it's taking Coach T so long to make an answer because we've all done decent and pretty well."

While there was hiccups and inconsistency provided in Tuesday's scrimmage, Taggart also witnessed some bright spots throughout the night too. Floyd and the rest of QB's are looking to improve that consistency, while trying to earn Coach Taggart's trust to let them run his offensive attack through their twelve game schedule.

"I don't think I've done anything different or that's been extremely well," Floyd said. "We just need to be consistent. I think that each one of us needs to do and is trying to do with this system, to try and earn Coach T's trust and to get the job. Like I said, that's the main thing for him is consistency and leadership and stuff like that. The typical thing a quarterback needs to lead a team to a championship level."

The 6'1 Floyd appeared in seven games, starting two in 2012. He threw for 466 yards connecting on 57 out of his 110 passing attempts with five interceptions and no touchdowns.

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