Sickles Linebacker Takes In USF's Opener

South Florida hosted several dozens of recruits on Saturday for their season opener vs. McNeese State. One of those recruits was local product Josh Black, a linebacker from Tampa Sickles High School. caught up with defensive star with his reaction on the time he spent at Raymond James Stadium on Saturday evening.

Starting off the season with a disastrous start losing to I-AA McNeese State, South Florida also hosted several prospects to enjoy the balmy night Raymond James Stadium provided them with to watch the Bulls take the field for the first time under Coach Willie Taggart. One of those prospects was Sickles linebacker Josh Black and spoke with Josh on his time spent at the game.

"I went with my friends Anthony and Devin Santana," Black said. "They're recruiting Devin Santana too, I'm pretty sure they are. I got there before the game, it went good. We sat down and talked. I met some of the cheerleaders, dancers and some of the other coaches."

Coach Taggart and the staff were pretty straightforward with Josh and simply wanted him to just enjoy himself.

"They said they were glad I could make it," Black added. "The coaches just told me to have fun and to enjoy myself. I went to talk to Coach Taggart and then we went behind the end zone to watch the game, but man that was a big upset."

Sometimes prospects get caught up in the heat of the moment and shed feelings right there and then, but the Sickles linebacker won't be judging the Bulls off their one poor showing.

"They're still in the same place," Black stated. "You can't win them all. I won't be judging them off if they win or lose."

Black is ranked the #77th best middle linebacker in the country by Fox Sports Next and is planning visits to Arizona, Florida International, and Marshall in the near future.

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