Patchan Sitting Comfortably With Seven Offers

Following the footsteps of his older brother Matt, who started his career out at Florida and now resides at Boston College, 2015 Tampa (Fla.) Freedom defensive end Scott Patchan has made a name for himself in the recruiting process.

After receiving his first offer from the South Florida Bulls back in May of this year, 2015 Tampa (Fla.) Freedom defensive end Scott Patchan has seen his recruitment takeoff the past six months. Along with his offer from the nearby Bulls, the Tampa Freedom stud has snagged offers from Miami (FL), Tennessee, Florida International, Vanderbilt, Boston College, Clemson and is receiving ascending interest from Nebraska and Florida State.

The 6-foot-5, 240-pound pass rusher hasn't had the season he's hoped for, but hopes to pick up the slack in the remaining weeks of their schedule.

"Our team has been doing poorly, I think were 1-7 right now," Patchan said. "We worked so hard in the summer with the team and to be let down is tough. We feel like we've been competing with the teams, but our offense has been slacking. Myself, I've had seven sacks and I've had more than 25 TFL and 50 total tackles on the season."

One school that Patchan has attended for game days in the recruiting process is the school in his backyard, South Florida.

"I've attended like three games, I've been there a lot," Patchan said. "They're in my hometown so they're easy to get to and it's great going to their games."

Coach Raymond Woodie, who coaches up the linebacker core at USF, has been the headman in Patchan's recruitment.

"Coach Woodie is recruiting me and they're very excited to recruit me - they want to be apart of something special there," Patchan said. "They think I can make an impact immediately. Their linebacker (Nigel Harris) who's a true freshman is having a good season too."

As for visits, Patchan has plans to checkout one institution.

"At the end of November, I'm going to my brother's senior night at Boston College," Patchan said. "I'll take a little tour with my brother when I get up there."

While many believe the Miami Hurricanes are ahead in his recruitment, Patchan says every school is neck-and-neck.

"I don't have any leaders," Patchan said. "They're all great schools and you can't go wrong picking any of them. They all offer different things that other schools can't. I really like them all and you can't go wrong. It's very early in the recruiting process."

Patchan plans to make college decision between next summer and fall.

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