"The Shot, and One" of USF Men's Basketball

USFNation's Hyran Davis was in attendance to watch the Men's Basketball team practice on Tuesday afternoon and provides an in-depth review on what he observed from the Bulls on the hardwood.

TAMPA BAY, FL--- Here's the "Shot", after spending the day at the South Florida Bulls first practice open to the media based off my observation, this seasons seems promising as we are deep in talent. Now please understand this, I haven't spent time at any other contenders practice, nor am I as intimate about any other school as I am with my Alma Mata USF, but to say we have potential is a tremendous understatement! Officially announced by Coach Stan Heath, the starting five have been narrowed down to seven:

PG- Corey Allen Jr/ Anthony Collins

G-Martino Brock

G/F-Victor Rudd

F-Zach LeDay

C-John Egbunu/Chris Perry.

As I watched the team stretch and warm-up, I can see that there's definitely a cohesiveness and camaraderie that shows from the minute the team walks out of the training room. If that solidarity and gelling that's seen from behind close doors can be transferred to the big stage hardwood, then USFNATION we are definitely in for a great surprise and an exciting season to follow.

Now here is the "And 1". Our back court is filled with true high flyers; I mean literally above the rim, straight jumping-out-the-gym, be careful because you might get dunked on hoppers! Of the eight guards including Bo Zeigler, the 6-foot-6 freshman who is considered a Guard/Forward. Six of them are liable to posturize an opponent provided any given opportunity.

As for the front court, we are solid, with size, athleticism, and plenty of 200lb+ big bodies to crowd the paint, shot block, and grab boards on the defensive end. I seen a lot of positives out of the 6-foot-8, 241-pound Forward/Center freshman Chris Perry, who was one of the first players to take the floor for warm-ups and shoot around. Not only does he appear to be vocal leader as a freshman, but he also demonstrates some on the court leadership as well.

With the 2013 Bulls, there is a lot of depth, and with the starters having been named by Coach Heath, I'm really excited and looking forward to seeing some of the bench players take the court as well.

Check out some of the practice footage from Coach Stan Heath and the players here


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