Jackson Breaks Down His Top Four Schools

Tampa (Fla.) Jesuit linebacker Vincent Jackson recently narrowed his list of schools to four, and discusses each school with USFNation.com

After collecting offers from the likes of Alabama, Notre Dame, USC, Miami and Wisconsin amongst others, 6-foot-3, 245-pound Tampa (Fla.) Jesuit linebacker Vincent Jackson recently narrowed his list of schools to just four. Below, Jackson breaks down his finalists in detail with USFNation.com.

Alabama: "Alabama was the best school I've ever been to. The coaches there are nice and great coaches. I had a family member that played there before, but I went there in the summer and it just sold me on a lot of stuff. When you get offered by the coach from the number one team, obviously you'll get excited. I've been building a good relationship with coach Saban and coach Rumph (defensive line). They've been straight up since the beginning."

South Florida: "South Florida is the same way. They've been there with me since my freshman year. So they've been the most consistent out of anyone because they gave me a chance first. Even with the new staff or old staff, it didn't matter. Coach Taggart is straight up and real to talk to. They're a program on the rise that people don't really know about yet. There's guys under the radar that haven't shot up yet, but I believe they'll be better than some of the guys that are four or five stars."

Texas Tech: "Texas Tech was honestly one of my favorite schools I've been to. It surprised me on how nice the school was. I know it was a official visit and it's supposed to look all glamorous for all the recruits, but they didn't glow it up for me to make it look like Hollywood. It was just real and how the school usually is. That's how the coaching staff is as well. Their coaching staff relates to me with personality and everything. The whole city surrounds the city. It's a beautiful place to be."

Missouri: "Missouri is another upcoming school. They were a sleeping giant this year and people didn't realize how good they were going to be until they started beating some of the better teams. Their coaches know what they're doing and develop their players. They get two or three stars, and develop guys into some of the better players in the country. Those coaches are really down to earth and know what they're talking about."

Jackson said he plans to visit Missouri on Jan. 24 and South Florida on Jan. 17. An official visit to Alabama is possible, but it's not concrete, due to his weekends already being full.

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