Focus on AAC action shifts to the Forefront takes a closer look at the action around the American Athletic Conference with Willie Taggart's coaching staff on the recruiting trail during their bye week.

Not much has happened this week with South Florida football as the team rests up on their bye week before preparation begins for the Homecoming game next Saturday against East Carolina.

But as we move into the middle stages of the 2014 season, the attention for the team and fan base should shift to what’s going on within the conference.

Collectively, the American Athletic Conference has not fared well in non-conference play. Just two teams sit above .500 heading into week week of the college football season. Several of the these teams fall into the category of needing to play a game or two more before it can be accurately measured how talented or underwhelming they really are.

This leaves the conference in an interesting position over the next six weeks where every game will competitive and have conference title implications.

Even less than spectacular squads like UConn, Tulane, and SMU could catapult themselves to the top of the conference with a few wins and momentum on their side.

USF certainly sits in that same category. Next Saturday night, the Bulls square off against #22 East Carolina, who up to this point have served as the AAC flag bearers with huge victories over Virginia Tech and North Carolina.

Should a steadily improving Willie Taggart team be able to pull off the upset at home, the outlook of the season may look a lot different than what most would expect about a month ago.

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