Kean eager to make college debut as a Bull

Brett Kean knew he would fit in the program Head Coach Willie Taggart was running at the University of South Florida when he attended the Willie Taggart Quarterback Academy last summer. After a weekend with fellow recruits he awaits the day he can officially be a Bull.

Brett Kean has been patiently waiting for the time he becomes a USF Bull. He got a glimpse into the life this weekend on his official visit.

When the standout quarterback from Ohio first arrived in Florida, he met up with former teammate Mike White who hosted him for the weekend before going on a dinner cruise. It was finally dawning on him what his future looked liked.

“Being there with the rest of the players and knowing you’ll be playing with them the next four years, it was cool. I think I clicked with all the prospects, all the recruits and commits,” said Kean. “We are all really excited and looking to turn USF around.”

That’s not the only he he’s excited about. While he’s been to Raymond James before, when he went this time it was a little bit different.

“I think it’s awesome the fact that they play at an NFL stadium. Not a lot of people get to do that and I think it’s really cool,” said Kean. “It was kind of a surreal feeling walking in there just seeing all the stands. It was a really cool feeling.”

The 3-star prospect and number three quarterback in Ohio knows he is a leader and wants to lead the team to their full potential.

“They just want me to come in and play how I play, lead and just be the competitor that I am. I think that this class is going to be a special one,” said Kean. “We all just have the same mindset to come in and help get this program back to where it was. This class is going to be a big one.”

Kean knows he has a chance to prove himself this first year and looks forward to competing on the field with fellow Bulls.

“They don’t have that many quarterbacks on scholarship right now and not that many on the depth chart so they want me to come in and compete.

“They’re going to give me an opportunity to compete and if I take it and run with it then hopefully I’ll play<’said Kean. “They are definitely going to give me an opportunity and that’s all I’m asking for.”

Coach Taggart has made some staffing changes to turn things around for the Bulls who struggled last year. Kean thinks with those changes and the mindset of the recruits coming in the team will go far.

“I think it’s just believing in ourselves and working hard to get to that goal. Nothing important ever comes easy so I think we have to realize that, have confidence in ourselves and work hard to get there,” said Kean. “I think they brought in a lot of really great guys, a lot of good coaches with a really great background and a good resume. I think that’s going to get this thing going.”

When asked what he’s most excited about next year Kean had a simple response.

“I look forward to playing with a lot of talent, said Kean.”

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