Wilcox believes Bulls will produce this year

Mitchell Wilcox is sure of his decision to go to South Florida and play for Coach Willie Taggart next year. The three-star recruit from Tarpon Springs, Florida is also sure that the team has all the pieces to be successful this year.

Since last June, the 6’ 4” 225-pound defensive end knew he wanted to attend the University of South Florida, so when he made his official visit to the school in mid January, it made the reality of next year a little bit sweeter.

“I was already solidified as a USF commit so I didn't need this weekend. I feel very confident in USF and my decision," said Mitchell Wilcox. "This weekend was just icing on the cake.”

The Bulls have changed several members of their staff in the off-season. Wilcox was excited to get to know some of the coaches better and take a closer look at how the program looks.

“From the inside standpoint everything looks in place. I feel like the local talent coming in is really going to turn this program around.

“A couple local guys like Billy Atterbury who’s an Offensive Tackle and then the few out of state guys that are coming in are in crucial spots.”

The weekend wasn’t just a time for the standout linemen to see the program from the inside but also to learn more about his fellow recruits and the coaches. He thinks these will be the moments that will help the team in times of adversity.

“Well I think it helps us gel and become a more close knit family and it’s great getting to know each other before we get there. We get to hang out with people and get to know them before we start grinding out and preparing for the season.”

While there may be some that doubt the Bulls after the last few seasons, Wilcox knows with a few key ingredients they will have a strong program that he is excited to call his home.

“What really drew me in was the coaching staff. I’d love to play for Coach Taggart, and can’t wait to do so,” said Wilcox. “Also my position coach, Coach Holt the tight ends coach, he’s a great guy and I can’t wait to play for him,” said Wilcox.  

 “I think we see that we have everything in place. We have all the resources and all the players and coaches. We just have to produce in the win category,” said Wilcox. “I think with the players coming in and a little bit of confidence, we can turn this program around.” 

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