USF Made An Offer & an Impression on Favoroso

Chris Favoroso made an official visit to South Florida and walked away with an offer. As signing day approaches, he tries to decide what school is right for him and where he would fit in at USF.

When Chris Favoroso made his official visit to Willie Taggart’s program in Tampa he knew he would have fun, but wasn't sure if he could see himself there. After this weekend with the Bulls’ coaches and other recruits, he knows he can.

“All the recruits played laser tag against the coaches. It was pretty fun and we got to hang out with the team and our host. I felt like I fit in really well with the guys that were there.”

It helps that Favoroso’s teammate Nico Sawtelle is committed to South Florida.

“Nico and I are best friends. That would be pretty awesome to play with him next year.”

The 6’2” 228 pound lineman can play on both sides of the ball, but he’s not sure what side he will play on next year.

“I do have an offer now. It was pretty cool. We are still ironing out the details because I’m not sure if they’ll have me play offense or defense. As of right now, I think they want me to play offense.”

For the Jensen, Florida native there are several factors when it comes to making his decision. He wants to be close to the coaches and wants his family to feel comfortable with him there.

With the new staff and Coach Taggart’s drive, Favoroso thinks he and his family will be happy. Not only that, but he hopes for some wins as well.

“They have a whole new coaching staff and I think that really helps. When these guys talk about the game you can really tell how much they love it and how much they want to turn this program around. My family loved it. They loved the coaches and everything. They love the school.”

There are other schools in the mix though, and with signing day coming up Favoroso knows he needs to make a decision soon.

“I have FIU, Western Kentucky and Lehigh. I don’t know what I can and can’t accept because some schools have filled spots on their roster. That’s where I’m at right now. I have a few others colleges pending so I’m not sure when I’ll make a decision. The more I talk to the coaches the more I can get a feel of where I’m at.

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