What to expect from the Bulls class of 2015

The South Florida Bulls class of 2015 topped the American Athletic Conference for the second year in a row, but why did they choose Head Coach Willie Taggart and what does that mean come the fall?

The Bulls have over 20 commits most of which are a 3-star or higher, but who can you expect to see playing this fall? Coach Taggart lets the players come in and compete for their position and that’s why many recruits chose USF over other top schools.

“I’m excited about having a chance to come and play early as a freshman and have a chance to start,” said early enrollee Danny Thomas, a 3-star outside linebacker from Amos P Godby High School, “Basically to make an impact as a freshman on the field. It gives me the opportunity to come out here and compete with the best.”

From what he has seen so far, the team will come out in the fall stronger than ever.

“I think we’re going to shock a lot of people,” Thomas explained.

A 3-star quarterback from Ohio, Brett Kean is happy Thomas is on the team.

“I’m excited for the offense and we've got some great defensive players, one that is already there,” said Kean. “He’s an early enrollee, Danny Thomas. I got to get closer to him at the all- star game and chatted it up and got to know each other better. I got to know all the other recruits on the official visit. I’m excited about this class. I think it’s going to be a good one.”

Kean and the rest of this class know there is a lot to be done to start winning more games and they will do whatever it takes to get there.

“We are really putting in the work in the weight room. Personally I’m throwing a lot, so just getting back into the swing of things and working out and trying to go in at the best of our ability at the peek of our athleticism and strength and the best we can do.”

I think we all have the right mindset and moving forward hopefully that work turns into wins, “ says Kean on how this class will help turn things around for the Bulls.

The class knows their class ranking, and Billy Atterbury, a 6’4” 286-pound lineman, is looking toward the future of what that ranking means.

“I‘m very excited. We have the top recruiting class in our conference and I’m really looking forward to what it could end up being.”

“Starting fresh, a bunch of new players, new coaches, and the new challenges that await,” Atterbury says of what he expects from starting with the program. “I’m really looking toward how this is the beginning of the rest of your life and just the adventures and everything that is the future.”

But it’s not just about numbers, as the Bulls had holes they needed to fill. According to Ronnie Hoggins, a 3-starcorner back from Coconut Creek, Florida, they have done just that.

“I think it was a great class and I think we picked up some good guys. We got kids in key spots we needed to fill and I feel very good about the class.”

The goal is clear to win more games and work hard to get there. The coaching staff has all these recruits on the same page and believing in the same goal.

“It’s a new era and everybody is buying into what they believe and us winning championship,” says Hoggins.

Marcus Norman an offensive tackle from Sebastian River High School agrees.

“I chose USF because of the coaches and what they have planned going into the future. I believe it will be a good fit for me,” the 6’6” 290-pound 3-starrecruit said of the Bulls.

“Hiring some new coaches that will help in their respective positions will help turn this team around as well as cleaning up the offense. That will get us to bowl games.”

It was some of those coaches who were key in solidifying the 2015 class. Mitchell Wilcox defensive end from Tarpon Spring, Florida thinks they are destined for greatness because of this.

“I know a few guys in the recruiting class and I think we’re going to do a lot of big things. It’s a great recruiting class. I’m so excited about the guys coming in and the talent they have.”

Nico Sawtelle, a 2-star linebacker from Jensen Beach High School has a similar mindset.

 “The coach’s hand selected us to enter the program, and with all of us coming in I think we will do big things this year. We have the talent coming in to be nationally ranked again.”

It was those coaches that lead Deangelo Antoine to South Florida from Oak Ridge High School.

“My relationship with the coaches is what really pushed me to commit to USF.”

It wasn’t just the coach’s personalities, but their striving to be the best that attracted the 5’10” Safety.

“Our mindset is one team one goal, and that goal is to win. By any means necessary, we want to win. That’s why I feel like with the new coaching staff we are all on the same page and that page is to win.”

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