Bulls offer Miami Cornerback

Bulls make an offer to the CB from Booker T. Washington, while attending USF camp. USFNation.com caught up with him to get his thoughts on Head Coach Jim Leavitt, the campus, and academics.

Two weeks ago while attending the USF football camp Chavez Grant received an offer from Head Coach Jim Leavitt. Grant plays corner at Booker T. Washington in Miami. Last year he had over 40 tackles with 3 interceptions. He is working hard with his team this off-season and hopes to double those numbers his senior year. However, football is not the only sport he participates in. Grant plays basketball and runs the 100m, 200m and 4x100 on his track team.

While Grant was attending the USF camp, he was told by coach Lane that he should expect to receive an offer before the camp was over. Not long after that conversation he was called into Coach Leavitt's office where he was formally offered. Here are his thoughts on meeting coach Leavitt.

"I like coach, when I met him he was real nice and I didn't feel any pressure. He told me I was offered and that there is a scholarship for me, but he told me to take my time. He also let me know that he wants me at USF."

Did you get to see the new facilities or the campus?

"Yes, everything is new and real nice, especially the training room." Adding, "when they took me in there I saw some equipment I have never seen before, it was really nice."

"We went around the campus a little bit. We drove through and saw where the athletes live" Grant also said that he was at South Florida in the beginning of the month for a basketball camp.

What will be his factors when it comes down to choosing a school?

"First I will look at the graduation rate of the program, graduating is very important to me. Second, I will look at the athletic program and the direction it's heading. Lastly, I will take into account the total environment of the school. Everything from the types of people to the weather."

Currently Grant has offers from USF and Duke. He is waiting to see what offers come in before he makes a decision. Growing up he was a Gator, but he wants to play in a situation that is best for him

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