Tuesday's Practice Recap & Photo Gallery

As the season approaches the Bulls are getting in as much work as they can. The team was out on the field again on Tuesday running 7-on-7 drills. The heat was up and so was the intensity today. Here are some observations and another photo gallery, brought to you by USFnation.com

As usual the QB's got equal reps starting with Pat Julmiste then going in order; Courtney Denson, Carlton Hill, Matt Grothe, and finally Grant Gregory. Although he is knew to the team Grant Gregory is making a smooth transition to the Bulls. Gregory is working hard to learn the plays, usually staying late with Julmiste and a few receivers to get in some extra snaps. He has a strong arm and great mechanics.

With the heat beating down, the team was very efficient during practice. It was obvious they wanted to get their reps in and get out of the heat. However, they still made sure everything was done the right way.

Here is today's photo gallery:

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