Jenkins Opens Things Back Up

Defensive tackle Justin Jenkins of Edgewater has backed off his commitment to play for USF. Justin sites a rise in his stock and a lack of communication with his family as the primary reasons. talked with Jenkins and this is what he had to say.

When asked what triggered the decision to back off Justin Jenkins said, "My stock has gone up the past couple weeks, and I feel I may have acted too fast."

Jenkins still says he thinks highly of USF, but is rethinking his decision.

"This had absolutely nothing to do with the coaches or the staff at USF. I still think very highly of them and they are still in my top 5."

"As of now my top 5 is USF, Georgia, Virginia Tech, UF, and UAB."

If your not sure about USF then why did you commit two weeks ago?
BR> "Well, at the time I thought it was the right decision but after talking to my family and coaches they told me to think this through a little more." Jenkins added, "when I made the decision it was all me, I didn't even tell my Mom."

Now that he is no longer committed to USF, what is the next step?

"I've been throwing away all the mail, but now I guess I will go back and open some of those letters."

Justin told me he is expecting to receive an offer from Georgia and possibly Virginia Tech. I have the feeling that if these offers don't come he will be back with USF.

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