Breakdown: Quarterback

With the season inching closer and closer, will start a 7 part series breaking down each position. Today's first installment will feature the Bulls quarterbacks.

After last season's inconsistencies at quarterback there were some whispers that Pat Julmiste would not retain the starting job. However, Pat went out this summer worked hard and will be going into the season as the Bulls number one. Julmiste shouldn't get to comfortable, there are some hungry guys behind Julmiste that will be pushing him hard in the coming weeks. Courtney Denson, Carlton Hill, and Matt Grothe will all be looking to push for more reps behind center.

From what I have seen this summer I agree with the decision to start Julmiste. He is a leader on and off the field and on most days he looks like the only one that understands the playbook. Although they have been in shorts all summer (everyone looks like a star in shorts) there are still some things that can be useful in evaluating players. Leadership is an important quality especially during the summer when there are not coaches calling the plays. Everyone respects and listens to what Pat says during practice. I'm not saying the other QB's are disrespected it's just that Julmiste has stepped up and accepted the role of leader.

Pat Julmiste

Denson is the number two quarterback on the team. However, I feel that at this point Denson, Hill, and Grothe are pretty much even at the two spot. All three backups have been indecisive during 7-on-7 drills. They end up running the ball a lot rather than making the correct read. All of the hesitating comes from a lack of reps and not knowing where the receivers will be on every play. Once the season starts there will be a clear-cut number two, but as of now neither of the three has pulled away in the competition.

Carlton Hill

Barring injury Julmiste will be the opening day starter and the number two will either be Hill or Denson, and I say Hill pulls it out unless they move him to receiver. The quarterback position may not be the strongest point on the team but it will be improved from last year.

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