Breakdown: Offensive Line brings you the third installment of our preseason position breakdown. Today we will dissect the offensive line. The biggest question this year will be how to replace the departure of both starting tackles and the starting center. has all the answers and a prediction of what to expect from this year's unit.

We begin with the center position. This year John Miller is expected to be named the everyday starter after basically being a majority starter over the last 3 years. Meaning he was never named a true starter at any position but filled in where needed due to injuries. Over the last 2 seasons Miller started about 14 games including the win against Louisville. Even though he hasn't been a "true" starter there will be no lack of experience when he is in the lineup.

The other interior lineman will be Frank Davis at left guard and Chris Carothers at right guard. Davis has two years of experience while Carothers has four. Look for the running game to go straight through these two giants who each stand at 6-foot-4. Competing for backup duties will be Jay Griffin and Walter Walker, both are redshirt freshman.

The biggest question of this year's offensive line will be the two tackle positions. Basically this year's unit is trading the experience of last year for size. The tackle position will be another interesting battle to keep an eye on during fall practice. Theodric (Thed) Watson, Marc Dile, Walter Walker, and Jerome Springfield will all be compete for a starting job. The size I spoke of earlier comes from Springfield standing at 6-foot-8 320, Thed 6-foot-4 300, Walker 6-foot-5 295, and the small one of the group is Marc Dile at 6-foot-4 275. Another guy not to be overlooked is incoming freshman Danny Tolley.

This is a tricky one because on paper, things look great. Barring injury the line should be as good if not better than last year. It looks like the young guys will come around and fill the gaps left by the departing seniors. However, injuries must be factored in to have a realistic prediction. That being said, depth could prove to be a major issue with this year's line. One, maybe two injuries may not affect the line but any more than that could have a significant impact on performance. Hopefully the injury bug will stay away and USF fans will be pleasantly surprised by these young up-and-comers.

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