Thursdays Practice Report

Today's practice was enthusiastic from start to finish. Although it was a morning workout everybody looked energetic and fired-up. was out on the field and we are bringing you our first practice report of the season. Remember that will have daily reports directly from the field all the way up until the opening kickoff.

The media is allowed to view only the first thirty minutes of practice and this is what I saw.

Early on the quarterbacks worked on handoffs and tosses to each direction. All the quarterbacks lined up side-by-side but Pat Julmiste made the calls and was paired up with Andre Hall.

The offensive lineman were doing mostly agility drills, concentrating on footwork. This is the first time I have seen Jerome Springfield and I have to say for such a big guy he moves really well.

Over on the far end of the field, newly acquired coach Steve White was working with the defensive ends. They were working on exploding off the ball and when the players weren't getting it Coach White even jumped in to show them what to do.

The most exciting part of practice was watching the special teams work on kickoff/kick return. Coach Leavitt was right in the middle of all the chaos making sure every man was doing their job. Several times when a player missed an assignment coach would call over to the sideline and ask another player if they could get in and do it right. Most of the concentration was on the receivers to call for the ball and follow the wedge.

Today was shoulder pads only, but starting tomorrow the Bulls will be fully suited and ready to hit. will also have a daily photo Gallery from every practice:

Pat Julmiste

Brouce Mompremier makes the one handed grab

Lawrence Dawsey

Coach White gets physical

Jamaal Jenkins

Terrance Royal

Jerome Springfield looking big!

Jerome Murphy

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