Monday Morning Practice Report & Photo Gallery brings you Today's practice report and photo gallery straight from Monday morning's practice. Today the players were in full pads and well rested after yesterday's morning practice was cancelled. In this edition of the Bulls practice report you can read about who looked good and what standout player was absent from the morning practice.

Today's practice started as usual with special teams work. Most of the concentration was on the gunners getting down the field and also blocking them. Jackie Chambers and Andre Hall participated in kick returns.

I spent a majority of my time today watching the receivers go through their drills. Johnny Peyton really stood out today he is a great athlete and with his size should dominate this year. Another guy who is in the same mold is Amarri Jackson. If Jackson can get the playbook down he and Peyton could terrorize the opposing secondary this season.

There was also a surprise guest working with the wideouts today. Coach Leavitt was in line for every drill the receivers went through and nobody went easy on him. He was sprinting around diving for balls. On one play where Leavitt missed a ball, Coach Dawsey immediately yelled, "you have to run through the ball!"

"I was just running around a bit. They are a great group that works really hard." Said Coach Leavitt, adding, "It's always fun out here and I love working out with those guys."

The Quarterbacks worked the no-huddle offense, but there was one notable absence and that was freshman Carlton Hill. He has missed a handful of practices over the past two weeks but none have been his fault. Today he had to be at freshman orientation and the other times were also school related. It is nothing to worry about except that being a freshman he needs as many reps as he can get to learn the playbook.

Here is today's photo gallery:

Jackie Chambers


Amarri Jackson

Marcus Edwards

Thed Watson

Coach Leavitt going deep!

Treco Bellamy

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