Bulls Practice Report & Photo Gallery

Today there are two practices, the first began at 8:30 AM and USFnation.com was on hand to catch all the action. In today's report there is a breakdown of what has been going on with the quarterback competition and a photo gallery to go along with the observations. Read on for the best Bulls report around.

Once again today Courtney Denson working with the first unit during the no-huddle drill, which is the first drill of the day. After he got through two or three plays the coaches were screaming at him because he was taking too long to call the play at the line. He was standing over center looking around but not barking out the play. To me it looked like he was buying time so he could remember the calls. Beside that he looks improved from voluntary workouts. He has a strong arm and throws a great deep ball. The last couple days I have not noticed him miss a receiver. Also, he has a much more serious demeanor and there isn't as much joking around. From what I have seen he is comfortable on the run but I have not seen enough of him in the pocket to say whether or not he has improved as a pocket passer.

With that being said, I still believe Pat Julmiste is the starter. Overall he brings more to the position than any of the others at this point. Pat is the leader and I think he deserves the shot at Penn State. Here is today's photo gallery:

Coach Leavitt

Hitting the sled

Jackie Chambers

Josh Balloon

Ronnie McCullough

Denson grabs a drink

Throwing on the run

Benjamin Williams

Walt Smith

Tyller Roberts

Amarri Jackson


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