Monday Practice Report and Photo Gallery brings you Monday's practice report straight from the field. It was back to work as usual following Saturday's full scrimmage. Some of the guys were dragging a bit today, but the coaches emphasized the importance of every practice. Read on for a full report. Also in our photo gallery you can get your first look at transfer Maurice Charles in action.

Practice was muggy and hot today and Head Coach Jim Leavitt was letting off some extra steam when a few of his guys showed up late. He screamed about how its unacceptable and also reiterated the importance of this particular practice. Coach was also all over Johnny Peyton early on. Peyton was not ready to go so coach sent him back in and told him to come out when he was 100% ready. He said, "take however long you need, just make sure when you step on the field you can give it your all."

After their usual warm-up they did an extra few sprints to make sure everyone was awake. I got the feeling some players were going through the motions after the long scrimmage on Saturday and the fact that it is Monday didn't help. After the warm–up's everyone looked energized and awake. Especially after Andre Hall gathered them up for a talk.

The exciting news came in the form of newly acquired transfer Maurice Charles. He wasn't in pads but he still participated in the early drills. He looked serious and ready on his first day. I think the older guys were also breaking him in a bit. During one break he gave all the guys a squirt of water before drinking any himself. That just shows that no matter who you are you have to start from the bottom and work your way on up.

Here is your first look at Charles and a full photo gallery from today:
Pat Julmiste and Andre Hall

Amarri Jackson on the run

S.J. Green

A first look at Maurice Charles

Welcome to the Bulls

Getting in the groove

Andre Hall

Jason Allen

Hitting the sled

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