Practice Report & Photo Gallery was out at practice today and got to see first hand Coach Leavitt introducing himself to newly acquired transfer Amp Hill. Today's report has observations from practice and more photos of Amp Hill enjoying his first day as a member of the USF Bulls. We also noticed a developing situation involving the absence of a key offensive starter. Remember to check back later this afternoon, we will have today's practice video up for viewing.

Practice time was pushed back to 9 AM today for an unknown reason. The guys were ready to go and this may have been as energized as I have seen them all summer. Maybe it was the presence of transfer Amp Hill. Hill walked on to the field with the rest of the guys at around 8:45. About 20 minutes later when the team went to stretch Amp Hill and Coach Leavitt had a chance to meet and talk for about 2 minutes on the sidelines. I was impressed with Hill's size, from what I have heard about him I didn't expect for him to be as solid as he was.

You may have remembered the report a couple days ago where I said that Johnny Payton was excused from practice. Well, ever since Monday morning I have not seen him back on the field. I have not gotten word from the coaches what exactly is going on but I'm pretty sure it's not an injury. I will be out there again tonight before the scrimmage and give you an update on his attendance or lack of.

Be sure to watch the video later today. I got good footage of one-on-one passing drills and even some with Coach Leavitt making a couple nice catches.

Here is today's photo gallery:

Introducing Amp Hill to Coach Leavitt

Amp Hill and Coach Leavitt getting to know each other

Jerome Springfield, it's like going up against a brick wall

passing drills

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