Wednesday Practice Report

Here are quotes from Head Coach Jim Leavitt after wednesday's practice.

After Wednesday's practice spoke with coach and got his thoughts on today's practice and the upcoming game versus FAMU.

"We had a normal practice, we went out for two hours forty-five minutes. Guys are working hard." Coach Leavitt added, "They know we have to get a lot better as a football team."

How many QB's will play this week?
"I don't know it depends how the game plays out. We are going to start with Pat and go from there."

On the FAMU offensive line:
"Biggest line we will face this year. They didn't even play their best player, he's 6-7 340 and supposed to be an NFL player. They are huge." Coach went on to say that they also have a great running back (Rodney Roy), "Their running back may break all the records, he is unbelievable."

Will Johnny Peyton be back in the starting lineup this week?
"Depends what Lawrence Dawsey does there. Amarri has done good but they are both starters they rotate so much."

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