Carlton Hill Gives Reaction After First Home

Freshman Carlton Hill played his first game Saturday night in front of his home fans. However for this freshman his home debut was a little different. Not only did he run plays from his wide-out position, he also took a few snaps under center. caught up with Hill after the game to ask him what it takes to be able to mentally shift from a receiving role to the quarterback role.

Carlton Hill was obviously excited about playing in front of a packed house on his home field. However, he also had a lot to think about on the field. Not only does he need to know where he needs to be as a receiver, but as a quarterback he needs to know where everybody else needs to be. This is a lot to ask from a kid that is new to the system and new to college football in general.

Hill on how it felt to see his first action in front of the Bull Nation.

"It was a little difficult when I first got in, but I adjusted to it, and I think I'll be doing pretty good in a few weeks."

Do you think Receiver will be your main position?

"I can't really say now, I can play multiple positions." Adding, "what ever I feel comfortable with in the future is what I'll go with."

What did you enjoy most during the game, getting to catch a ball in front of the home fans or playing quarterback?

"Both, I just really enjoy being out on that field."

What kind of mindset does it take to switch mid-game from receiver to quarterback?

"There is more pressure at quarterback and it's a little more laid back at receiver, but I like the pressure and love to perform under it."

It will be interesting to watch Hill grow and see where he settles in. I like him at receiver but if he has his mind set on quarterback I would not doubt he has what it takes to compete for the job. Hill is one of those special athletes that can take over a game at anytime, but as for this season it looks like it will mainly be at wide-out.

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