Rose Makes Surprise Visit To USF

Daron Rose was expected to be at the UF game last weekend but instead when to the USF/UCF game. He talks about why he came and what he thought of the offensive line's performance. He also tells us what he sees as the main difference between this last year's team and this year's.

With the Bulls offensive line coming together and playing well early on this year, you can't help but think what the possible addition of Daron Rose would do for this team. Rose stands at 6-foot-5, 310 pounds. He plays left tackle for Jefferson High School in Tampa. This four star athlete made a name for himself last year when he did not allow a single sack in over 230 pass attempts. He continues to draw attention with his massive size and his 3.3 GPA.

Rose was on the sidelines along with Colin McCarthy on Saturday to witness the beating USF laid on UCF. He got to Ray Jay around 5:30 to check in and get his tickets.

"They took me into the recruiting room" Rose said, "I think the coaches were surprised to see me because they thought I was going to the UF vs. Tennessee game."

Although he planned on going to the game in Gainesville, something came up and he decided to see the Bulls play.

After he met with the coaches they took him on a tour of the stadium and then down to the field.

"I've been on the field before but not this year." Adding, "there was something different about the atmosphere this year. It was really exciting, I don't know if it's because they are in the Big East or what, but those guys were all pumped up and ready to go."

Daron went to about three games last year and says he can see a difference in the excitement and level of play on this year's Bulls team.

"I thought it was really loud, I knew it was a big game but I wasn't expecting so many people." Adding, "it was really cool to see the stadium like that."

He also got to stand with the offensive line while they warmed up. He especially wanted to see how Coach Greg Frey interacts with the players.

"I've gone down on the field before but I was looking to see how he (coach Frey) coaches." Rose also said, "It's always fun because those guys don't just warm up, they are out there cracking heads!"

Overall Rose said he had a great visit and enjoyed watching the offensive line dominate against UCF. He praised Thed Watson and Frank Davis, saying he kept an eye on them all game. Rose stayed for the entire game and even stayed after to go into the locker room.

My opinion after talking to Rose is that he sees what a lot of other recruits are still sacred to admit. That USF is a major player in recruiting. He understands that USF is an up-and-coming program that is a couple pieces away from being a great team. I think Rose may be that piece, however, it will not be easy to land the big man. He has two official visits to go, one for Notre Dame when they play Tennessee and the other is the last weekend for recruiting at FSU. The Florida State visit on the final weekend is the one that will cause the most problems for USF, because it will be his final impression before decision time. Landing a guy like Rose could be the signing that opens a lot of people's eyes across the state, this will be very interesting to follow throughout the year.

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