Offensive Line: "We're Like Family"

The only people not surprised by the play of the offensive line were the lineman themselves. They credit their success to a family atmosphere and having trust in one another. See what Thed Watson and Chris Carothers say about their success so far, and what needs to be done to beat Louisville.

Going into the season there was a lot of doubt swirling around the Bulls young offensive line. However, after three games that same line has erased all doubt and is laying the foundation for a strong group of guys for years to come. The reason for the newfound success isn't individual talent as much as it is playing as one harmonious unit.

Chris Carothers heard the doubters early but had this to say about his new line-mates.

"It doesn't matter how many seniors you have on the line, it matters that you believe in yourself, and have confidence, then to go out there and play with it. I saw Derek Sarosi the other day at practice and it brought back memories, but like I said whoever your playing next to, you got to believe in them, and they got to believe in you, its a partnership."

Left tackle Thed Watson added, "I feel like the guys are taking me in, we kinda have a big bother program. Frank Davis has shown me a lot of tricks of the trade, and I've been putting everything to use. It's like a family, before every practice we break it down. It means we ride together, we die together."

Lately it has been easy to trust anybody on that line, over the last two games USF has rushed for over 700 yards. On top of that they have only allowed one sack in the first three games.

Watson admits that the team only has two wins and that they are not stopping to celebrate just yet.

"We haven't really gained anything yet, we've only won 2 games, but we feel strong at offensive line. We feel pretty confident in our running game our coaching techniques are precise, so we feel good about running the ball. The sky's the limit for us."

This week against Louisville they will have to reach high into that sky for their best performance yet. They will face star defensive end Elvis Dummervil who already has 9 sacks in just three games. However, he is not the only monster on that defensive front, they also have senior defensive tackle Montavious Stanley who also has three sacks, but he is really the anchor of that line.

Carothers had this to say of Dummervil.

"We watch film already, and he's a stellar athlete, he looks like Dwight Freeney of the Colts, he uses his feet, his hands, he's fast, but he's human everybody is human. We got our game plan, and were not going to change it for him. That would take our focus away from the big picture of winning." Carothers added, "You never know if he starts to have a big game, then we may adjust, but I got faith in my tackles, and they got faith in us as a whole line to go out there and handle business. It's going to be a huge game and we'll stick to what we do best."

This will certainly be the biggest test for South Florida's young lineman. If guys like Chris Carothers and Frank Davis step-up their level of play I think the other guys will follow. They probably will give up a few plays, but how they react to it will determine their overall success.

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