One for the Fans

This win was as deserving for the players as it was the fans. The players knew they could not have done it without their faithful followers. Read on to see what they thought of the fan support Saturday night.

As big of a win as this was for the Bulls team, it was just as satisfying for the fans. They are the ones that have supported this team since its start back when they used to play in the Old Sombrero. Now they have a new stadium, a new conference, and a new attitude. They are winning fans that can now say they support a winning team in a BCS conference.

"They show us love." Says Andre Hall. After the game Hall ran towards the student section and shared the victory with his fellow students by jumping up in the stands and hugging everyone in sight.

Hall added, "They were there to support us so we have to show them we care"

Starting Quarterback Pat Julmiste also felt that the fans deserved this win as much as the players.

"It felt awesome the fans have been behind us since day one." Said Julmiste, "they gave us energy so it felt good to go over and congratulate them for being there for us."

One of the first people to run over to the student section after shaking hands with Louisville was wide receiver Jackie Chambers.

"It was exciting." Said Chambers, "I always wanted the fans to run on the field like I've seen on TV." Although nobody was allowed on the field the players were still appreciative of all their supporters.

"The fans got us hyped. Every time the defense got on the field they would roar. If it weren't for the fans the excitement would be taken out of the game."

It was one of the biggest games in USF history and as the saying goes "big time players show up in big time games", Chambers summed it up best saying: "Our fans are big time."

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