"Very Impressed"

Berkley Prep offensive lineman, Jim Barrie gives USFnation his reaction after the Bulls win on Saturday. Although he was there to see both teams, you can clearly tell one team left a big impression on him when the game was over.

Jim Barrie is another standout player in the Tampa Bay area. Barrie is a senior offensive lineman at Berkley Prep in Tampa. At 6-foot-5 305 pounds, he is the big man every good team could use. He has great feet and is very aggressive. He has been one of the most sought after lineman in the state, receiving over 30 offers, including one from USF.

Barrie was also one of the recruits at the game Saturday to witness the Bulls take down 9th ranked Louisville. USFnation.com caught up with Barrie to get his reaction to the game.

What did you think leaving the stadium after the game?

"Very Impressed" adding, "USF absolutely dominated Louisville in every phase of the game. Especially the offensive line."

Being an offensive lineman yourself do you pay extra attention to that group?

"Definitely, it was amazing to watch those guys come together and shut down the Louisville pass rushers." Barrie said, "I talked to coach Frey and he seemed very proud of his line."

Were you there only to see the Bulls?

"I was there to see both. I talked to the Louisville coaches the night before."

After the game against Louisville do you take the Bulls a little more serious?

"Everyone is taking the Bulls a little more serious now." Barrie added, "after beating a top 10 team like that, how can you not take them serious? I'm really interested to see them go down to Miami."

What are your plans for visits as of now?

"I am going up to FSU this weekend to see them play Syracuse. My only other official visit for now will be to Michigan."

Is USF in your top 10?

"They always have been, but I was really impressed by that strong showing on Saturday."

Barrie also said some other teams in his top 10 are Michigan, FSU, Tennessee, South Carolina and Notre Dame.

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