Some Thoughts During the Bye Week

During the Bye week I took some time to go over the stats up through the Miami game. In the article is a few that jumped out and tell a story about this year's team.

I was looking over some of the up-to-date stats since this is a bye week. Some of the stats surprised me and some were disappointing. I tried to think back to before the season and remember what I thought the stats would look like at this point in the season.

Here were some of the stats that stood out:

Rushing attempts: Bulls 245, opponents 164.

This is a very important stat, going into this season everyone knew Hall would be the go-to-guy. However, not everyone knew the offensive line would be able to help Hall as much as they have. The Bulls nearly have over a hundred more rushes than their opponents. This is very impressive if you think back to how much doubt was on the O-line before the season started.

Third Down Conversion: Bulls 32/77 42%, Opponents 16/61 26%

This stat speaks volumes for the defense. Bull's fans knew coming in the defense would be good. However, this shows that not only is the defense good, but they step up in crucial situations. To only give up the first down 16 times is amazing. Basically, if the defense can get a team into a third down situation they pretty much know they will be off the field and able to rest after that play. Third down stops are what creates momentum for our team and stops it for the opposing team.

Fourth Quarter Scoring: Bulls 23, opponents 30

Before I say this is an area that needs improvement, let me point out that it is the only quarter the Bulls are being outscored in. However, the fourth quarter is also the most important quarter. As the offense improves so will this stat, but for now they need to work on finishing games strong, regardless if we are winning or losing.

Quarter Back Numbers: 51.6% completions, 5 INT, 4 TD

I picked these numbers because in the beginning of the year I knew Pat Julmiste was going to have to be a QB that "manages" the game. He would not be a guy that puts up huge numbers and carries the team. Ok, at first glance the completion percentage looks to be right about where it should be. However, with only 49 completions and 14 of them going to the backs it shows a good chunk of the completions are dump offs. I would have liked to seen a few more completions to the talented receivers. The other numbers are the TD/INT ratio. PJ definitely needs to get that turned around. Like I said he doesn't need to be a heisman candidate but he does need to have a positive TD/INT ratio to be considered a "manager" of the game.

These were just some numbers I thought told a story about the season. It will be interesting to revisit them after all the games have been played and see where the team improved or still needs to work. I think the biggest stat will be the quarterback's numbers, to see weather or not PJ is getting better as the season progresses. On the defensive side the stat to keep an eye on is third down conversions, and whether or not they can keep up the current percentage for the long haul.

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