Down the Stretch They Come

Riding on the back of their work horse, Andre Hall, the Bulls are about to face the rest of the Big East and when all is said and done USF could be playing in a BCS bowl game.

With one Big East game under their belt and 6 more to go the Bulls are about to embark on the toughest part of their season. The upcoming stretch of 6 games could either vault the Bulls up onto the national stage or they could be labeled as just another mediocre team in the Big East. The next 6 games could result in a BCS bowl or another long vacation with no bowl game. The next 6 games could prove that the Bulls will be able to recruit with the best in the state, or it will be another year of top recruits choosing the Big Three over South Florida. Basically if the Bulls can win at least 5 of the next 6 games they could find themselves in some uncharted territory. The bandwagon will be filled to the top and everyone will be talking Bull Mania again, the same way they were after the Louisville game.

However, talking to the players, it's not as easy to tell they are about to start a special stretch of games.

"I just want to go game by game." said Amarri Jackson, "I'm just happy to be here and play football, I don't want to look that far ahead."

Jackson is one of the younger guys that may not understand the magnitude of the remainder of the season, but sometimes not knowing is a good thing. This team is built around youth and maybe they are to young to truly understand what is going on.

"I just don't want the season to be over that fast, I just got back in football" Jackson says he's just following the lead of the veteran's. "Pat and the other guys are the leaders, they just say take it step by step, it's what we do in practice everyday. We are just getting ready for Saturday."

Frank Davis had this to say about the upcoming schedule.

"We're excited, excited we get an opportunity to show the whole country what we're all about and what were made of."

And if the Bulls take advantage of the opportunity then I'm certain people around the country will start to take notice. The next 6 games will be an exciting time for Bulls fans, but be ready to move over and make room on the bandwagon if USF can win the Big East.

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