Q&A with Mike Jenkins

Mike Jenkins recently sat down with USFnation.com and gave his thoughts on the season, road games, the upcoming WVU game and much more.

USFnation: You started the season 3-1, beating Louisville soundly then went on the road lost to Miami, had a bye week then lost at Pittsburgh, what are your thoughts?

M. Jenkins: We're having a lot of trouble on the road. I don't know what it is, I don't know if people get road jitters or we just play better at home, but we got to stop it. It's time to start winning, we got to. If we want respect first of all and if we want to go to a bowl game. I mean the rest of the games are mostly away so we got to start winning on the road now!

USFN: In you eyes, is the Big East Title out of the question? Or is it in reach?

M. Jenkins: No, The Big East Title is definitely still in reach, if we beat West Virginia and win out then we're number one in the Big East. West Virginia is the only team with out a conference loss, so we got to win this week then we'll be tied.

USFN: This is a big conference game this week, are you glad your playing at home?

M. Jenkins: Yeah, I'm glad we're playing at home, everybody likes to play at home in front of their fans, but we got to be able to play on the road as well.

USFN: As a unit the defense is playing well, so what do you think is going on?

M Jenkins: We're playing solid ball at times. I mean last week they say we played good, but the offense hurt us, It's no time to be pointing fingers. What I mean is we got to stop them from scoring, we got to stop them from scoring where ever they get the ball at. We didn't do that. We're kind of up and down, we got a lot more to do on both sides of the ball. If we play solid football like we did against Louisville then we'll be pretty good.

USFN: Do you see a difference between practice and game time?

M Jenkins: In practice our offense all look like first round draft picks, but sometimes during the game they don't show what they got. I mean maybe because we're a young team, but everybody has got to progress, get better, play better.

USFN: What are your thoughts on the defense?

M Jenkins: We're a solid unit, but everybody wants to be a play maker, but you can't do that. You got to your own thing and let the other players do their own, you got to trust them. That's what were working on, is building trust and once we got the trust part down we'll be a great team.

USFN: Are you doing anything different to prepare for West Virginia?

M. Jenkins: Not really, we just want to lock down their receivers, take them out of the game and let the safeties and linebackers roam, shut down their run game.

USFN: Your almost through the tough part of your schedule( Louisville, at Miami, at Pitt, West Virginia) are you happy to be almost through it?

M. Jenkins: For sure, just get through it. I mean think about it, but we just play it one game at a time one team at time, we got a lot more to go.

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