Q&A With Amarri Jackson

Read what Amarri Jackson has to say about WVU, road games and the offensive struggles this season.

USFN: You got a tough Big East opponent West Virginia for Homecoming this week, what are your thoughts?

Amarri: They 're a bunch of good athletes and they can play. We watched film of them, and they can move, they know how to play.

USFN: What are your thoughts on the Big East Title now that you have a conference loss?

Amarri: I can't speak for the whole team, but I'm thinking about the big picture. In sports any team can win at any time, it's who ever comes to play. I mean you line the guys up, you come to play, who ever wants it more can win the game. We've shown that and a lot of college teams have shown that this year.

USFN: how do you feel about the losses to Miami and Pitt?

Amarri: Well it's who ever comes to play 60 minutes of football. I think if you only come to play a half of football you won't win, and that's what we did in Miami and Pitt. We got to play a full game.

USFN: What do you think happened in those games?

Amarri: First of all I think they wanted it more and we made a lot of mistakes, fumbles, interceptions , dropped balls, missed field goals, just too many mistakes.

USFN: Do those losses have an affect on you?

Amarri: We had a lot of fight in us, we just didn't play great football. To many mistakes, we just try and put it behind us and get ready for the next game. We can't dwell on losses just like we can't dwell on wins.

USFN: So what do you think the team needs to do to get back on track?

Amarri: Well the defense is playing good ball. We're riding the shoulders of our defense and Andre. The rest the team has got to step it up, our offense has to be able to do more, at least get a field goal.

USFN: when you say the rest of the offense needs to step it up, are you referring to the Receiving core?

Amarri: Yeah, as Receivers when we get an opportunity we haven't stepped it up and delivered. We got to make plays, we got to make the quarterback look good, we got look the ball in, run better routes, score more TDs, help our defense out.

USFN: You seemed upset after the Pitt game what was that about?

Amarri: My main thing was in the 4th quarter they were playing Johnny Peyton one on one and he hasn't lost a one on one battle on a fade route this year. I just thought that we should have gone to him but its no big deal. I don't dwell on it, just go back to the drawling board and get ready for West Virginia.

USFN: After not playing at home for almost a month, do you look forward to playing in the safe confines of the Ray-Jay?

Amarri: It's always nice to play at home, but we should be able to play and win on the road. If we want to be a competitive football team in the sports world then you have to be able to win on the road. We got a lot of road games ahead, and we'll be just fine.

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