Conversation With Johhnie Jones

Jones talks about the season, the Big East title and what the Bulls need to do in order to get that first road win of the year.

Conversation with Johnny Jones
Looking back at the Miami game:
After the Louisville win the team felt really good, then came the Miami game, and it was like most of the players were not looking at the game as in playing a game.  It was like we're playing Miami, little bit of like we were shocked, shocked as a team that we were down there playing against Miami.  You see them on T. V. every week , week in and week out, you know what I mean.  But then again, its like reality, we're actually playing Miami and it didn't really hit until the second half.  Then we started moving the ball, causing turnovers, we were causing turnovers in the first half, we had four turnovers.  Every time I go on the field we break out, and we say the coverage, then too myself I say make plays, your here for a reason , make a play, I just try to put myself in a situation to be around the ball at all times.
On road Losses and Finishing games:
It is kind of funny, somebody asked me why we're 3-0 at home and 0-3 on the road? I'm not sure, I mean we just got to start how we finish, if you look at the games we lost we started slow, but we finished strong. The only game we started and finished was Louisville.  Pittsburgh we started out strong, but didn't finish, you know what I mean? The whole thing that we were saying to ourselves, we got to finish, we need to finish, we have to finish.  Everything we said was finish, finish this finish that, play to play finish, series to series finish, so we pounded that in our heads all through practice all week. It isn't how you start it's how you finish. The game isn't won in one play, It's won in sixty minutes. We got to be able to handle the pressure as a defense, we can't look for 7 points, we got to look at 3 points, we got to stop them, and hold them to a field goal, we need to cause turnovers.  I mean we cause turnovers, but we need to cause more.  We got to get the offense the ball, that's the goal, three and out...
On Playing Ranked teams in big games:
Every game is a big game to us,  when a ranked team like Louisville or West Virginia, is playing us their going to be more in a frenzy about losing to us, then we are about losing to them.  We're always going to be in a frenzy, its just that we're going to come out ready to play, regardless who we play, West Virginia, anybody so their is more pressure on them.  If not then were going to apply the pressure.
On the Big East Title:
Its not out of the Question at all.  Nobody's in the driver seat, and everybody loves to be in the driver seat.  We'll we have some control, we just got to win out, but It's all open.  I even talked to my friend who plays for Louisville after the loss, and you know anything can happen with any team at any given time.  You just got to look forward to next Saturday, and I'm ready for next Saturday.

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