McCluster Gets 2000

Largo RB, Dexter McCluster breaks the 2000 yard mark in the final game of the season. Read on to get his thoughts on the game of his career. Also watch the video to see the highlights from this special night, including a 60 yard run and 7 touchdowns.....all in one game!

Mid-way through the third quarter it happen, Dexter McCluster broke the 2000 yard mark in the last game of the regular season. He needed 220 yards and with 16 to go, Osceola fumbled on their own 16 yards line. That meant a touchdown from there gave him the record and his seventh score on the night.

After the game McCluster had this to say about his special night:

"Tonight was a little different" adding, "knowing how many yards I needed was weird because every time I came off the field they were telling me how many more to go. But in the end the 16 yards to the endzone worked out perfect."

"I was thinking before the game that I wanted to get the yards before the fourth quarter."

McCluster was also sure to give much of the credit to the line.

"If it wasn't for them I wouldn't even be close. They have been great all season, especially getting down the field and finishing their blocks."

Now its time to celebrate.

"I'm probably going to go out tonight with my family and all my teammates."

Here are the highlights:

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