Recruiting Spotlight: Damario Waymon

This WR from Rickards High School is quietly having a great year. Could this be the one receiver the Bulls take in the '05 recruiting class? Find out more about him only at

Damario Waymon from Rickards High School in Tallahassee, FL may be getting over looked because of his 4 star teammate Ryan Hill, or it could be that his team only won 2 games this year. However, he has still been quietly producing. At 6-foot-3 185 pounds Waymon runs a 4.5 40 time and plays with aggression. In 7 games this season he has 30 catches for about 500 yards and 10 scores.

"I compare my style to Randy Moss." Says Waymon, "that's what I do. I can get the deep ball or make a catch over the middle."

Waymon has height and jumping ability. He said that is what he's been depending on the last two season's, but lately he has been working on the mental part of his game.

"I've been working on recognizing the defense and taking what they are giving me." Adding, "Early on everything was 1-on-1, I liked that because I know I can beat any corner when it's just him versus me. But now teams are playing more Cover 2 with a man over the top. Now I recognize the defense and know what will be open for me."

What is your favorite defensive look?

"I like when the corner tries to press me. I'll always beat them off the line."

Although Damario has been producing he still isn't getting a lot of attention from schools.

"I don't have any offers but I talk with Western Illinois a lot and a scout from Arkansas was at my last game."

As of now he doesn't have a favorite school but Waymon did say he has a couple factors that will help him make a decision when the offers come in. He prefers to play for a D1 school that will be on TV so his family can see him play. He also has two other factors:

"Playing time is another, and lastly I want the school to have my major, environmental science."

The bottom line on this kid is that whoever comes in first could get a commitment out of him. I see USF being a perfect fit. He fits the mold of the current receivers, also USF would meet all of his criteria on choosing a school. will keep you updated on the rest of his recruitment.

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