5 Questions For Coach Dawsey

Coach Dawsey talks about getting his guys ready after the long break, the receivers progression, getting over the early season drops and more.

USFnation.com: With two weeks off how did you get your guys going for the Rutgers game?

Coach Dawsey: Just worked, we went out, caught balls. We worked a lot on blocking and getting off on our releases. We went back and did a lot of fundamentals.

USFnation.com: Is it frustrating doing all this practice and not being able to play till last week?

Coach Dawsey: Most definitely, we had to sit around for three weeks. But it gave us a chance to work on things and get people healthy. But its definitely is frustrating, especially since our last game was a loss. You always want to get out and play after a loss.

USFnation.com: From the start of the season till now, where are the receivers as far as their progression?

Coach Dawsey: You're never satisfied with where you are. We are okay, but we got a long way to go to get to where we need to be. We want to be the best.

USFnation.com: Is there one guy that has come along quicker than you thought?

Coach Dawsey: No, I wouldn't say it's one guy. Well, we don't even have a single guy over 200 yards on the season, so we haven't had one guy come out. However, the group as whole has been working great together.

USFnation.com: Early in the season there were a lot of drops, what did you tell your guys?

Coach Dawsey: Relax, you catch it in practice, just catch before you run. I know when I was at Florida State. Bobby Bowden used to say ‘If you catch the ball and fall flat down, I'm okay with it', so I just get them to catch the ball before they think of anything else. We went back to basics catch it, tuck it, then run with it.

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