Q & A With Bulls DE Terrence Royal

USFNation.com Sits down with USF Bulls Defensive end Terrence Royal, and get his thoughts on the Rutgers game, the Bulls defense, on playing Syracuse, and finishing out the season.

USFN: How you doing this season?
Terrence Royal: I'm doing good and the team is doing good
USFN: How's it feel after getting first road win?
Terrence Royal: Its a start and it boost up guys morale, you know its exciting, cause we're ready, cause we know what's at stake, and we control our Own destiny, and we're ready and it feels real good. We know we can't stop here, we got to keep going, we got  more to do.
USFN:  What was it like during the  Rutgers game when you saw the Fumble in the first quarter?
Terrence Royal: Well when I saw the ball, I was  like Ok here it is, I just grabbed it, and took off with it a ran for a touchdown. but It was just football, I didn't express myself till after the game, during the game you don't think about it you just react and play ball.
USFN: The defense played well caused 6 turnovers, but Rutgers still put up some yards and points, and made it close till the end, what are feelings on that?
Terrence Royal: That's the thing, we practice for that week in and week out, we practice to handle adversity. then it sets in, and gets you prepared for it,  me and Johnny(Jones) we tell each other to be ready,  be ready for something to change, no matter what happens we got to be ready, ready to play ball for sixty minutes.
USFN: What do you remember the most about the Rutgers game?
Terrence Royal: The main thing that I remember most is the final scoreboard, of course I remember my fumble Touchdown, and Interception. I like it when our defense creates turnovers, I love it, I love it, I love it
USFN: Do you feel the defense has gotten it's swagger back?
Terrence Royal: Oh yea we definitely got our swagger back, and now we got to be consistent, that's all it is, and  I believe that what we do best is  working, and working will carry on out the season, and we're going to go on a little stretch, everybody knows that, the team knows, the coach knows it. We just got make plays, everybody on the defense knows we have to make plays, we got to always being thinking about making plays, and that's what we do.
USFN: What are your thoughts on playing and not overlooking Syracuse(1-7)?
Terrence Royal: Oh Syracuse is a good team, you cant judge a book by its cover, or its record, Syracuse is a damn good team. I watch them on film, they got a good O-line, a damn good running back, two great quarterbacks, I heard their defense is also pretty good, and we can't take these boys lightly, they are a good team, probably better then their record, so we got to be ready Saturday.
USFN: Basically you have a four game season left, how do you feel about that?
Terrence Royal: I like how its set up, because we got to work to get where we want, and I like that. There's no time to sit back and wonder about something, or another team, it's on us, so we got to take charge, and  that's a challenge, and if you play sports, you love a challenge.
USFN: So you like the fact that you control your own destiny?
Terrence Royal: Oh yeah,  you said it, four games, one at a time, four wins and we get to eat.

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