Q & A With Bulls DB Johnnie Jones

USFNation.com Talks with USF Bulls defensive back Johnnie Jones, and get his views on the Rutgers game, his touchdown interception, and the Bulls defense getting its swagger back.

USFN: The defense came out of the gate strong against Rutgers, what the team do to stay focused for the game:
Johnnie Jones: To stay sharp and focused, because it gets a little boring  playing against each other, what we did was make practice a competition, finds ways to compete, everybody competing, corners vs receivers, Running backs vs Linebackers, O-line Vs D-line, competition keeps you sharp, it motivates you, and it brings out character. You want to practice how you want to play. 
USFN: Tells about your first quarter Interception:
Johnnie Jones: They were in a spread formation, I made my read, and was going for the hit, then I saw the ball, Grabbed it, then I was in the end zone, and  it felt great. I think my mom was more excited then I was. she knows I been close all year, I Talk to my mom every week, and she kept saying I would get one soon, that I had a few picks in High school and the ints would come.  I wanted to celebrate, but the Defense had to go right back on field, so the celebrations had to wait.
USFN: What happened when you were riding on Ray Rice's back?
Johnnie Jones: Well on the play I was fighting off a block, and I had outside help so I was turned inside, I twisted and reached my arm around him, and he was already low, so I could just get my arm on him, and I just tried to lean on him, put my weight on him, and he carried me for a few yards,I know it looked funny.
USFN: How does it feel to get your first  BIG EAST road win?
Johnnie Jones:  It felt really good to get a road win, we had to play sixty minutes, and as long as we play sixty minutes, there will be more road wins to come.
USFN: Do you feel the defense is getting its swagger back?:
Johnnie Jones: Oh Yeah, the Defense played good, we were flying out there, but there is always room for improvement though, I think we only had 4 interceptions last year, and we have 8 this year already. We just got to remember to go out and do our jobs, its a privilege to play football, we can't wait for the next guy to make a play, you got to go out and make your opportunity.
USFN: It was your idea to Honoring Bradley Mosely?
Johnnie Jones: I wanted to recognize Bradley, I've known him since he got here. and nobody knows what its like to go through what he went through, it keeps you humble.
USFN: What are your thoughts on playing (1-7) Syracuse?
Johnnie Jones: Don't look at their record, we Just got to come out ready to play, its still football, one game at a time.
USFN: How do you feel about playing all the north east games?
Johnnie Jones: I like playing at home, but its nice to see different places, see different climates, season changes, get away from the Florida heat, but wherever we play football is football.

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