Jim Leavitt Press Conference Quotes (Nov.15)

Head Coach Jim Leavitt talks about Andre Hall becoming USF's Leading rusher, shutting out Syracuse, and the Upcoming Cincinnati Game at his weekly Press Luncheon Tuesday November 15, 2005

Opening Statements:

"We had a good practice last night. Our guys worked hard. We know we have a challenge with Cincinnati. They are playing awfully good football. They are well coached and this game can be very difficult. They really are a very difficult football team and I've been watching film the past few days and they can play. Their quarterback moves well, their offensive line is big and strong. They have big running backs and receivers; their defense is very active. Their kicking game is really good; they return their long snapper and punter. The kicker does a very nice job. This is going to be a difficult challenge for us. We are going to have to play as good as we have played in the past to have a chance of winning."

On the performance of the USF offensive line:

"They have done some pretty good things. It's a combination of a lot of things. The past few weeks they have done some decent things."

On the amount of carries Andre Hall has had this season:

"He just carries the ball when his number is called. He's fine; you would have to ask him. He's always going to do the best he can."

On last weekend's shutout of Syracuse:

"It's always good. You always want to keep the other team out of the endzone."

On if people have been telling the team how good they are and patting them on the back:

"We haven't had all that much. I thought we would have a little bit. I don't think it's going to be a problem. We don't have anyone patting anyone on the back to be honest with you."

On the chance of USF becoming bowl eligible:

"I've been about the same as I've been for the past nine or 10 years. You keep focused on practice and get ready for the game. Our guys know they are going to have to play extremely well in order to win. We just have to stay focused and be as competitive as we can to put ourselves in a good position to win a football game. I haven't changed much. I talk about the team we are playing and go out and practice and watch film. Exactly what I am saying is what I've done."

On what being bowl eligible will mean to the program:

"I haven't thought about it at all, no. Today I just turned off some film of Cincinnati that I have been watching all morning and all of last night. I came down here and all I thought about is how good this Cincinnati team is. That is all I have thought about."

On the offensive balance of the team:

"We are going to try to establish balance. That is always our way. We throw the ball well some games and we run the ball well some games, it just depends on what we are able to do. Believe me, we just don't work on running the ball in practice. We know that we have to have balance. You can't be a good offensive football team if you can't do both."

On the announcement of Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder's retirement:

"He's a great man; a close friend. I don't think anyone will impact college football anymore then he has. He did a tremendous job there. He's a special person. I could never measure up to him; he's a pretty impressive coach."

On Andre Hall becoming USF all-time leading rusher:

"It's impressive. He's a good football player; a good running back"

On Courtney Denson's role on the team:

"He does both still, works with the quarterbacks and receivers. He doesn't care where he plays; he just wants to play. He wants to help his team anyway he can. He's a special guy. He has a lot of talent."

On coach Leavitt's comfort level with Carlton Hill at quarterback:

"I don't think I ever said Carlton (Hill) is our second team. I think both of them (Denson and Hill) are good and I am comfortable with both of them at quarterback."

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