Know Your Basket Bulls (Collin Dennis) brings a series of articles aimed at introducing the USF basketball team on a more personal level. Here is today's feature, Collin Dennis.

N. Richland Hills, Texas
Richland HS
Year: Sophomore
Major: Undecided
Position: Guard
USFN: Why did you choose USF?
Collin Dennis:  To get out, to play in a good conference, and see something new. 
USFN: What do you like to do for fun?
Collin Dennis: For Fun, I sleep 
USFN: What is your favorite movie?
Collin Dennis: Menace to society, South Park, I like comedy movies
USFN: What is your favorite food?
Collin Dennis:  Fired Chicken
USFN What is your favorite kind of music?
Collin Dennis: Hip hop, underground, a lot of people  from Texas listen to that. 
USFN: who is your favorite artist?
Collin Dennis:  Chameleonaire

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