Q&A: Chris Carothers & Stephen Nicholas

USFNation.com sits down and talks with South Florida Bulls Offensive Lineman Chris Carothers & Linebacker Stephen Nicholas on playing for the BE title, a bowl game, and more

Offensive Lineman Chris Carothers
USFN: how did you feel about he O-line giving up four sacks Cincinnati, after giving up none to Syracuse?
Chris Carothers: It's part of the game,we never like to give up sacks, but everybody is going to give up some sacks, you just want to be able to move the ball, and not give up a lot. We just try and go out and work hard, and do what Coach tells us and try to win games.

USFN: This weekend your back on the road, the last time on the road you won 27-0 playing at the Carrier Dome, how was it?
Chris Carothers: It was awesome, an unbelievable feeling, kind of like going to Tropicana field and playing there. Playing in that atmosphere, with the fans and the whole crowd getting into it, the tradition they have at the carrier dome, it was unbelievable it felt great.

USFN: So you don't mind, playing on the road?
Chris Carothers: Well you definitely, like playing at home with your friends, and family watching, but when we go on the road you have 40,000 opposing fans screaming at you, hating you, it pumps you up, and it motivates you.

USFN: Are you starting to think about the BIG EAST title?
Chris Carothers: No, Were staying focused, looking at everything one game at a time, one practice at a time.

USFN: Do you at least think about playing in a bowl game?
Chris Carothers: Well yeah, I dream about it, everybody does, playing in a bowl, playing for a BCS title. The best way to send out the seniors, is with a BIG EAST title and going to a BCS Bowl. We got two games left so we got to stay focused work hard prepare ourselves mentally and physically, we still got business to do.

Linebacker Stephen Nicholas
USFN: How does it feel to be bowl eligible?
Stephen Nicholas: It's big, it's good to be bowl eligible, but the thing is, were in this to win the conference, not just a bowl, but to win the BIG EAST conference that's our objective.

USFN: It seems the defense is really playing well lately, causing turnovers, are you guys pumped up outthere?
Stephen Nicholas: Most definitely, the defense is playing every week, making a big play every week, getting turnovers, trying to get the ball back to the offense, but if we score on defense well that's just a bonus, were just trying to get the ball back to the offense, the more the offense has the ball, the more they can pound it and pound it.

USFN: The last three weeks the defense has caused a lot of turnovers, are you doing anything different?
Stephen Nicholas: Not really, just practicing hard and playing hard, looking at film, some guys have been coming in extra to spend a little more time watching film, but just really practicing hard, and the coaches are getting us right, having us in the right place at the right time, and were making plays.

USFN: are you looking forward to playing Connecticut in the Cold?
Stephen Nicholas: most definitely, it will be the coldest place we've played at all year, but I don't see it as much of a difference, its just playing football in a different place.

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