Game Grades: UConn

After reviewing the tape and talking it over, the staff at has come up with game grades for each position. After the devastating loss the grades are not pretty. read on to see how the Bulls graded out.


Quarterback: D, could be worse if it weren't for all the dropped passes. Pat Julmiste looked confused from the start. The protection wasn't there, but Pat usually looks more confident under center. Rather than looking like a junior, who has been starting for two seasons' he was hesitant and made poor reads all afternoon. I can't get too down on him for the interceptions because one was tipped, one was off the receiver's hands and another is questionable on whether it was his fault or the receiver S.J. Green. I also do not think he was put in many positions to succeed. The option never worked, and really has not all season. It doesn't work with one back, two backs, or out of the shotgun. It just flat out does not work with Julmiste at quarterback, that's not his fault, however it puts him in a hole when it's always third and long.

Running Backs: C, Andre Hall never got his into a groove. He did play solid but never took over the game. He and Ricky Ponton each had crucial dropped passes. Hall dropped one on third and long and Ponton dropped one on a screen pass late in the game. Hall can only shoulder so much of the blame when it's the line's job to open holes, but as a senior and with his college career on the line, Hall needed a big play and it never came.

Offensive Line: D+, when John Miller went down in the first quarter, USF was forced to mover right guard Chris Carothers to center. This was probably the main reason the line played poorly. The pass blocking was not terrible but Uconn did have about 4 or 5 tipped passes and Julmiste often had to scramble to buy time for the pass. The biggest disappointment was not being able to establish the run. They had all game to get going because it was close to the end, but the Connecticut defense was more physical and played hard the whole game, not giving up that one big play that would have won the game for USF.

Receivers: D-, the whole receiving group struggled, it may have been the cold but they looked the same as they did in the first game versus Penn State. The cold probably played a factor, but there is no excuse for that many drops, it comes down to concentration and only thinking about catching the ball. Even the long touchdown catch by S.J. Green only happen because he was called for an illegal block on the play before. Cedric Hill had a ball hit him in the hands and picked, then Amarri makes a catch later in the game and fumbles on the tackle. Overall they did not help Julmiste on a day he needed all the help he could get.


Defensive Line: B-, they played poor in the beginning, but came around when it was on the line late in the game. Early on the D-line was getting pushed around by the offensive line of Uconn. However, late in the game Jon Simmons, Jason Allen, and Terrance Royal started playing the way Bulls fans are accustomed to seeing them play. They got pressure on nearly every pass and had several sacks in the second half.

Linebackers: C, when the line struggled early the linebackers were not there to bail them out. They too played well later in the game, including a big sack by Stephen Nicholas, but it wasn't enough to change the game. They seemed a little passive and were not able to come up with a big play to help the offense.

Defensive Backs: C, the unit didn't give up any big plays, but they didn't come up with any either. Uconn actually threw the ball quite a bit, but the corners never made a game changing play like last weekend against Cincinnati. They also got some help from the Uconn receivers who almost dropped as many balls as the Bulls.

Special Teams: D, Kyle Bronson hit on his only attempt, which was a long 42 yard kick, but that was the only bright spot. Overshadowing every good kick or punt was the 90-yard kick return for a touchdown that Uconn had after a USF score. Not only did they get a quick seven points, but more importantly they took away any momentum the Bulls had just gained. The offense worked so hard for over a quarter and a half only to give it all back on one play.

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