Q & A With Bulls DE Jason Allen

USFNation.com sits down and talks with South Florida Bulls Senior Defensive End Jason Allen about last weeks heartbreaking loss which knocked them out of BE contention, keeping focus on this weeks game with West Virginia, and more.

Jason Allen Senior Defensive End

USFN: How was practice this week?
Jason Allen: We had a good practices this week, we were basically just trying to prepare and focus on west Virginia.

USFN: Was it hard to reload and get fired up for West Virginia after such a disappointing loss to UConn?
Jason Allen: Looking at different players faces this week, I could see some emotions still carrying on their faces from last week, but that was a real tough loss that we had, and you would expect that, but at the same time you just got to press forward to the next week, you can't do anything about what happened the last game, you just have to move on and get ready for West Virginia and strive for the best.
USFN: What happened on Lou Allen's 60 yard run on the third play from scrimmage?
Jason Allen: I can't really be specific, he just found a crease and scored.
USFN: Was it frustrating to play a solid game on defense and give up 7 points on one play?
Jason Allen: It's our goal on defense to get an egg, which is giving up nothing on "D" and that play ended up being a game breaker.
USFN: It seems that every week that the defense is expected to not only not make mistakes but to get turnovers and either score or put the offense in great scoring position, which you've done the last couple of weeks, but is that a lot of extra pressure on you guys?
Jason Allen: I wouldn't say that's extra pressure, that's what defense is supposed to do, you have the opportunity to defend points and you have the opportunity to score points. We have that kind of defense that not only stops other teams from scoring, but also scores as well.
USFN: What happened on the Kickoff return touchdown?
Jason Allen: I wasn't on the field for that, but the guy (Darius Butler) caught a couple of creases and he had some speed, that's all you need on a kickoff, and the guy turned it into a scoring opportunity.
USFN: Was this your toughest loss as a Bull?
Jason Allen: I wouldn't classify it as  the toughest loss, but the stakes were high, very high, probably the highest stakes I've faced in my career. Especially being in the BIG EAST, with all that's on the line,  and being in a position to possibly  play for the BE conference title and in a BCS Bowl .
USFN: Are you going to be able to be ready mentally and get fired up to play West Virginia this week?
Jason Allen: That's not a problem, I'm already fired up and ready, Each week you have to be able to prepare yourself mentally and physically week in and week out, and that's what I do best. I don't allow getting ahead of myself,  I focus on each week ahead of me, and that's what I do, And this week is West Virginia, and I'll do my very best.
USFN: I noticed after the game one of the defensive leaders Terrence Royal was really distraught after the game, how has he been at practice this week?
Jason Allen: I can't really say how he feels, but Terrence is a strong guy, a great guy and a leader on our team, he knows what his leadership means to the team, and that was a tough loss, but he'll be fine and ready to go.
USFN: After holding UConn in check the whole second half, with 6 minutes to go when it was third and goal at the one, when the offense didn't score, what were you feeling?
Jason Allen: I was just eager to score, just for the offensive unit to score, and when I saw that they didn't I just wanted to make sure we stopped them and get the "O" another chance to score.
USFN: After that series, the defense did its job and forced  a three and out,  and got the offense the ball back in great field position, and the very next play was an interception, how tough was that?
Jason Allen: That was one specific play, and plays like that happen, I can't criticize our offense for what they did. I'm a defensive player, I've made mistakes, I'm not 100 percent perfect. During a game mistakes are going to happen and from those mistakes you try to build yourself as a player and together as team .
USFN: Being a senior is this tough on you?
Jason Allen: Yeah, when I came back I just wanted to see the coaches, I've been here a long time, I've seen the hard work the coaches have put in, and one of my goals this year was to give it all I had, possibly winning a BE title, and at the time A National Championship, but now I'm still striving for the best and what we can still accomplish the rest of the season, and hopefully a bowl game.

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