Q & A With Bulls QB Carlton Hill

USFNation.com chats with South Florida Bulls Freshmen Quarterback Carlton hill, and gets his views on getting extended playing time against West Virginia, scoring his first touchdown of the season, and getting a chance to play in a Bowl game

USFN: How did it feel to score your first Touchdown of the season?
Carlton Hill: It was real exciting, it was a lot of fun.
USFN: This was your first extended playing time of the season, what was that like for you?
Carlton Hill: I liked it, I liked it a lot, it gave me a chance to see what it will be like going into next year, and it will make me a better player.
USFN: How do you think you played in the game?
Carlton Hill: I think I played a good game, coming from behind and all, but overall, I think I played exceptionally well.
USFN: Were you nervous at all?
Carlton Hill: I was in the beginning when I first went in, but after I started to play, it went away quickly.
USFN: How do you feel about playing in a bowl game?
Carlton Hill: Oh I'm real excited, and I'm happy that we get to keep playing.

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