Gibbs Saftey Has Bulls #1 On His List

All night we watched Jerrel Young make big hit after big hit. caught up with him after the game and he told us what it meant to play in the all-star game, what offers he has and his thoughts on USF.

Jerrel Young is a 6-foot-1 205 pound free safety/safety, he also played running back at Gibbs High School in St. Petersburg, but will play defense at the next level. Last season Young recorded over 120 tackles on defense and 1,300 yards and 16 touchdowns rushing, but admits that his offensive stats were overshadowed by another Bull commit Dexter McCluster.

What did it meant to play in the Pinellas County All-Star game?

"It felt good to play with all this talent." Adding, "I enjoyed playing with these boys for the experience."

Talk about some of those big hits we saw tonight.

"I had a couple, but I didn't get the one I wanted." Says Young, "I wanted a receiver going deep and just lay him out, I didn't get that one."

What offers do you currently hold?

"Michigan State, UCF, FAU, USF and Auburn."

Do you have a top 3?

"In order they are USF, FAU, Michigan State."

Do you compare your playing style to anyone in the pros or college?

"I try to mold my self after former Cane, Sean Taylor."

It's easy to see the resemblance between Jerrel and Sean Taylor. If USF can lock up Jerrel Young along side Jamal Harvey, Bull fans might see two freshman starting next year along side each other at the safety positions.

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