Player Quotes on Bulls First ever Bowl Game Talks with several Bulls players directly after they were invited to the Meineke car Care Bowl and got their thoughts on playing in the first ever Bowl game for South Florida. The game will be played December 31 at 11 a.m. in Charlotte, NC and it will be aired on ESPN2. know it was tough losing your last game of the season to West Virginia, But what are your feelings on getting invited to the Meineke Car Care Bowl, the first ever Bowl game for South Florida?

Senior OT Chris Carothers:" Its awesome, you always want one more game left, especially being a senior. It's like come on, lets keep playing, and It feels good, we made history right? I mean going to a Bowl Game is something I've always dreamed about, everybody has. This is the first ever Bowl game for South Florida, that's awesome, its huge for the program, and I'm just glad to be apart of it. 
Senior RB Andre Hall: I'm still upset that we lost our last game, cause I really wanted to win, you know it was senior night, and I wanted to send out the Seniors with a "W", but we got a Bowl invite, another game to play, and its my first Bowl, and I'm excited to go. Does the Bowl invite lessen our last loss? It makes it a tad bit better, it lets you get something out of all the hard work and dedication you put into the season, its good to get a little love, a little something.
Senior C John Miller:  I guess I'm Happy that we're going to a Bowl game, but I still wish we would have won the last game, so we could go out on top as seniors, winning our last home game, my last home game, would have been nice.
Senior DE Terrence Royal: I'm disappointed that we lost the game, but going to a Bowl Game softens it a little bit, but we're making history, and anytime you make history that's exciting. So I'm happy we got another game, us seniors get one more chance to play, and hopefully we'll go out as winners.
Senior LB Jason Allen: This is the biggest thing that I've ever been a part of. It was a tough loss, but I'm very proud of the players. We had  guys who were hurting, and laying it all on the line. The amount of effort that they put in week in and week out just shows the character of this team. I'm just so happy for us, especially for our seniors to get to go to a Bowl game, it's really big for our program, and it's a continuation of our success if you ask me.
Junior LB Stephen Nicholas: Well I'm happy for the team and the University, going to a Bowl game is big, and something to be proud of, and I am proud of it.
Freshmen WR Amarri Jackson: Yeah I'm excited, and I got to thank God for being able to go to a Bowl game, it could have easily been taken away from us. and it feels good to be part of history, I'm real happy for our seniors, they're part of our history, they're the franchise class, and  they get to leave with a Bowl game.
Freshmen QB Carlton Hill: I'm Real excited and glad that we get to keep playing.

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