Catching Up With Leslie Stirrups

Leslie Stirrups was the first 4 star recruit to commit to USF. However, there were early rumors that his grades were not going to qualify. talks with Stirrups himself to set the record straight. He tells us where he is now with grades and where he needs to be to qualify. He also talks about his commitment to USF.

The last time spoke with Leslie Stirrups was the day he committed to USF. However, there have been rumors of grade issues ever-since. We caught up with Leslie at the Hillsborough County All-Star game and asked if he would address the rumors. He had no problem talking about it and this is what he said.

How are your grades?

"They are coming along." Says Stirrups, "I have A's, B's and C's this semester, the GPA is moving up."

What about the SAT score?

"I just got my score back and got like an 800 on it, but now I'm registering for the ACT."

What does your GPA look like?

"I have a 2.1 right now"

What do you need?

"like a 2.5"

Can you get it?

"I'm sure I can get it."

All USF fans should be hoping he gets it as well, Stirrups may be one of the most highly touted recruits the Bulls have landed in their short history. This season Stirrups had 67 tackles 4 sacks and 6 tackles for loses from his defensive tackle position. He has a motor that doesn't stop. He reminds me of a young Warren Sapp in the way he's always in the backfield, but he'll also chase a play 15 yards downfield and make the tackle.

You made a decision to come to USF about a month ago now, are you still solid?

"Yes sir"

Are you going to take any other visits?

"I'm going to take visits, but I'm going to USF."

In the mean time Leslie says he is going to stay in shape by doing a lot of conditioning at a track near his house. He also said he's going to start studying for the ACT's. We'll catch up with Stirrups in another month and see how the grades and tests are going.

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