Change Of Heart For Largo RB?

Running back Dexter McCluster took an official visit to Ole Miss last weekend. He talks to about his visit, his grades and tells us where USF stands after his recent trip. Read on to get the entire scoop!

Largo running back Dexter McCluster committed to the Bulls over a month ago. However, he has always intended to visit other schools. Last weekend he took his first official visit to Ole Miss. He also has two more planned, next he goes to West Virginia on January 13th and then on the 20th of January he will be at USF.

I spoke with Dexter Tuesday night and this is what he had to say.

How did the trip to Ole Miss go?

"It was good." Says McCluster, "My dad went with me and it was a great experience."

What did you do on your visit?

"We went through their facility, which is really nice." Adding, "they took me to the stadium and showed me around campus, everything was really nice. Oh, and we ate a lot also!"

Who was your host when you were there?

"My host was a cornerback named Dustin, he's from Orlando. We got a long really good."

How do you feel about USF after your Ole Miss visit?

"USF is still number one. I'm committed to them and I spoke with Coach (Greg) Frey last night and told him the same thing."

Next you visit West Virginia, where would you rank USF, Ole Miss and WVU?

"I only have a top two, and that's USF one and Ole Miss number two."

How are the grades coming along?

"I took the SAT on Saturday and I need a 820 to qualify. I also have two exams next week."

How do you feel about your SAT last Saturday?

"I think I did pretty good." Adding, "actually I know I got what I needed. I will be able to check it online in about a week or two."

What are you doing now to stay in shape?

"I've been running track since my freshman year. But I might not run this year. I'm going to wait till I see my test scores. If they are high enough I will run, but if not, I need to concentrate on my school work."

After talking with McCluster I am confident that USF is still in the lead and that his verbal commitment has not changed. I think it is good for him to get out and see other schools while he can. That way, if he does come to USF there will be no regrets on his decision. Plus he has earned this attention and should take it all in while he can.

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