Q & A With Bulls WR Amarri Jackson

USFNation.com Gets a minute with South Florida Bulls First Year Wide Receiver Amarri Jackson.

Amarri Jackson: First Year Wide Receiver
USFN: How Does it feel being a first year player, and to be part of USF history?
Amarri Jackson: I didn't know I was part of history until you told me, but if I am, then it feels good to be part of it, I'm happy for our seniors, they get to leave with a Bowl game, they're a bigger  part of our history, they're the franchise class.
USFN: Do you look forward to the future?
Yes, I really do look forward to the future, we got great talent on this team,  Great coaches, A great program, and great people like yourself  around us. Everybody has got Gods gift, just like you have Gods gift to ask us great questions, we all have Gods gift to perform well.  Hopefully, we'll be a franchise for years to come, and build this program up to greatness.
USFN: What have you learned  from the Seniors?
The seniors showed us a lot, they really motivated us, and helped make us better players and better men.
USFN:  What do you get out of seeing a player like John Miller play with a broken bone in  his elbow? 
John miller is from a place called Belle Glade, and these guys are some of the toughest football players around, you just cant say enough about somebody like that. it just shows the hard work and dedication to this team, he could have easily sat out , but he's a warrior, all of us are Gods soldiers, and seeing guys like that play through injuries, it motivates me as a player, to play through any  injury, he has a lot of heart

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