Grooms Sets The Record Straight

There has been some confusion as to why Dominic Grooms has gone from a "verbal" commitment to a "soft verbal". He talks in depth with USFnation about his recent visit to Missouri, rumors about his future at USF, the importance of his education and much more. If you have not signed up yet, try us FREE for 7 days!

Dominic Grooms from Middleton High School in Tampa (FLA) committed to the Bulls about a month ago. He committed with the intentions of getting a legitimate shot at competing for the quarterback job. As a senior at Middleton, Grooms battled a pesky turf toe injury that caused him to play injured all season. Even with the injury Grooms still passed for over 1,600 yards and threw 18 touchdowns, while rushing for 800 yards and 8 scores. Lately Grooms has changed his status with the Bulls to a soft verbal. spoke with Grooms and he explained the decision.

This weekend you took a visit to Missouri, how was it?

"We really enjoyed it" says Grooms, "My mom and I were treated great"

What did you do there?

"They took us out to eat, we toured the campus and talked with academic advisors, then we toured the new athletic facility that will be complete in June '06."

What were your impressions of the campus?

"I liked everything, the campus and especially the town. It's a football town."

What was the best part of the trip?

"Meeting with the coaches and players. Everyone was straight up and honest. I have a lot of respect for both the coaches and players. They both told me a lot about the good things the program has to offer, but they also were not afraid to tell me the bad things, and that is very respectable."

"There was also no pressure to commit. Not one time on my whole trip was I asked about committing. They told me when I was leaving that they would keep calling me, but they wanted me to take my time and make the right decision."

Where do you stand with USF?

"They are still my leader and I haven't backed off my commitment. The only thing is, I have heard rumors that they are already talking about me playing safety."

Where did you hear this from?

"The coaches at USF told my high school coach I would be a good safety. It bothers me because I feel like if they are already talking like that, then by the time I get there I might not get a real shot at QB. I feel like I am the best out of the three (Nate Allen and Alwan Lee) that have already committed and I deserve a chance."

Have you had a chance to talk with them yourself?

"No not yet, I've been really busy. I'm not real worried about it because I know the coaches are coming to my house in two weeks to talk to me. I understand it's a business and they need what is best for their team, but I also need what is best for my future. When I talk to the coaches I will tell them what I need and we'll see if we are all on the same page."

Do you feel you rushed to a decision when you verballed to USF?

"No I don't regret it. I just need to find out more when the coaches come and I take my official visit to USF. I still want to go there. Missouri was great but it is far from home. All my family lives in Florida and it would be hard playing so far away."

Is there anything else that is factoring into your decision?

"Certainly, to me football is secondary. The most important factor is my education. When I went to Missouri I think they were surprised at how much I wanted to know about the academics there. I have not had a chance to check out USF yet, but I will when I take my official visit."

What is your major?

"I want to major in education. I want to be a guidance counselor for kids. I want to help kids the same way I have been helped my last four years."

From the interview it sounds like Grooms is doing the right thing by weighing his options. Maybe he did commit too soon but he still has the right to do what is best for him. I think he wants to attend USF, but if they are not seeing eye-to-eye on his future then its probably best if he finds a program that fits. Grooms said he would call USFnation after his meeting with the coaches and tell us where he stands.

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