Terrence Royal: 'We Got Business To Do'

USFNation.com sits down and talks with South Florida Bulls Senior Defensive End Terrence Royal about what the Bulls have been doing for the past 20 days and the upcoming Bowl game against the North Carolina State Wolfpack.

USFN: How have you been the last few weeks?
Terrence Royal: I was stressing over these exams, but now that the exams are done, I'm A-OK. I'm ready to get back to football.
USFN: What has been the difference in practice from last week to this week? 
Terrence Royal: Last week was just getting back into it, getting back into football. When you take a week off, you get a little bit sluggish, so last week was fundamental time. Now its back into being mentally ready, game planning.  This week we actually work on some plays that they run, and stuff like that, that's the basic difference between last week and this week.
What Did you do with your week off?
Terrence Royal: During my week off all I did was study.
Have you ever been to Charlotte?
Terrence Royal: No, never to Charlotte, but I've been around there. I've been to Raleigh before,  also Greensboro, my auntie lives there. I've been to N. C. like 4 or 5 times now. 
The South Florida Bulls haven't played the WolfPack before, so do you know anybody from N. C. State?
Terrence Royal: Oh yea, I got friends up at N. C. State, my boy Hollywood Brian Clark. We're friends, he went to Chamberlain .
So it should be a good time for you.
Terrence Royal: Yeah, going up there, its going to be real fun. Playing against old guys that you've been playing against since high school, there's a lot of jibber jabber going around. I keep telling them to be ready, Big Country is coming to town.
You seem excited, you don't mind being away for News Year?
Terrence Royal: Not one bit. To be able to play football, I've been playing my whole life since I was six years old I love it, I love the game.
Everybody seems a little bit different now that the season is over, walking around with a smile why is that?
Terrence Royal: Well exams are done we can just try and concentrate on football. It's like having two jobs you know? During the season it was school and football,  now it's just football.
Some of your teammates were a little banged up after the West Virginia game how's everybody doing?
Terrence Royal: Stephen (Nicholas) is coming along good, he's running around hitting things, and John Miller he's a warrior. Everybody is going to be ready, if they aren't going to be ready then I'm going to get them ready. Trust me they will be ready.
What are you going to do when your in Charlotte?
Terrence Royal: They got all kind of activities set up for us. We're going to have a good time, it will be lots of fun, but mostly we'll be getting ready for football. We got business to do.

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