3 Star LB Schedules Visit With South Florida

LaBrandon Glover of Pensacola Florida committed to Mississippi State last April, but has scheduled a visit with South Florida in January. The three star linebacker talks with USFnation.com about why he is now looking at other schools.

LaBrandon Glover

Pensacola Linebacker LaBrandon Glover is a 6-foot-1, 215 linebacker with good speed running a 4.6 40. As a Junior, Glover was named 1st team all-district and third team all-state with 131 tackles, 3 sacks, 3 forced fumbles and 2 interceptions. His senior year was not as productive due to a strained MCL, which occurred during the third game of the year. He played through the injury but it stuck with him the rest of the season.

As of now Glover has two visits scheduled for January. The first is with South Florida on the 13th and the second is with Mississippi State on the 20th. He has one more visit with Illinois that was canceled in December, but no date is set for a make-up visit.

Back in April Glover made a verbal commitment to Mississippi State, but has been open to other schools.

"I'm committed to Mississippi State, but I'm interested in a few other schools."

Do you have a top 5?

"Right now there are only three schools." Adding, "In order its Mississippi State, USF and Illinois."

What is it that attracts you to South Florida?

"I like the scenery around campus, the coaches and I'm friends with Derrick Brooks."

How do you know Brooks?

"He goes to my church in Pensacola. I have known him for a couple years, we talk on the phone about twice a month."

What coach do you talk with at USF?

"Coach Kravitz and I talk about two or three times a week. "

Do you feel you may have committed to early?

"No, not really. At the time I felt it was the best place for me. I still feel that way, but I want to look around. Staying in Florida is a reason I'm interested in USF. I wouldn't mind staying in Florida to play ball."

Glover says he's been to the USF campus in November when he was in Tampa to watch Derrick Brooks and the Bucs play. However, USF was up in Connecticut that weekend.

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